Piston rod washing machine

Construction and operation of the piston rod washing machine

The washing machine consists of a roller feeder, which, depending on the options, is fitted with a oil removing nozzle and a demagnetising coil. The feeder transports piston rods into a washing chamber equipped with 3 sets of wash nozzles and 2 sets of drying nozzles. Washing and drying spaces are separated by a wall. In the washing chamber, the piston rods are washed with water at a pressure of about 2-3 bar and dried with compressed air at a pressure of 4-6 bar. In the chamber, pistons move on a roller feeder that feeds them out onto a roll feeder, which transports them to the swivel table (optional) or to another machine, eg. Eddycurrent. Water with oil after washing of the piston rods flows into the first section of the washing water tank, from where it goes to the second section and "calms down", which causes the oil to flow to the surface of the water. In the second section of the tank (the entire reservoir holds about 600 litres of water) there is a float adjusting to the height of the water in the tank, through which the water is drawn by a pneumatic pump to the oil separator, which separates the water from the oil. The purified water returns to the III section of the tank from where it is re-injected on the nozzles, but the separated oil is directed to a separate plastic container. The washing machine is additionally equipped with 2 filter columns with filter bags (one column is working, the other one being cleaned and ready for use.) It is possible to switch the cleaning columns without interrupting the cleaning cycle. Filter columns can be optionally equipped with magnetic filters, catching metallic particles from the washing water. In addition, the washing machine has an automatic filling and emptying system, a water refilling system after evaporation, a washing chamber exhaust ventilation system (evaporation), and an automatic detergent addition system for water when it is replaced or added. Water is heated by 2 heaters with a power of 7 or 9 KW (options) with electronic temperature control in the range of 30 - 70 ° C.) Normal work temperature is 60 - 65 ° C.

General Data

No. Description Unit Value
1. Dimensions (length x width x height) mm 2570 x 1250 x 1970
2. Weight kg 800
3. Supply voltage V 3 x 400 + PE + N
4. Max load current A 40
5. Supply air pressure Bar 6
6. Noise level dB 80

Technical Data

No. Description Unit Value
1. Range of the rods diameter mm 11 - 25
2. Range of the length mm 150-550
3. Power of the heaters kW 2 x 7,5
4. Tank capacity dm3 600
5. Cleaning medium  - Water with detergent
6. Temperature of cleaning water °C 60
7. Power of the motor of the circulation pump kW 1,5
8. Power of the motor of the emptying pump kW 2,1