Horizontal welding machine type COA

Use and description of the design

The rotary horizontal welding machine type COA is a machine designed and manufactured by the Apena-Remont sp. z o.o. company allowing to quickly weld steel elements in production conditions.
The welding machine allows creation of a circular weld during the rotation of arms and a central, openable drum of the machine, on which can be mounted elements to be joined, e.g. car exhaust systems or catalytic converters’ bodies. The structure of the machine, made of steel profiles, ensures lasting and stable operation, while electronic drives used in the machine allow precise and repeatable positioning of welded elements and created welds. The machine can work with two welding sources, equipped with torches of different types and electronic controller for setting welding parameters.


Depending on needs and shape of welded elements, the CNC version of the machine can be equipped with drives allowing welding and placing welds on non-circular shapes, while the arms of the machine can be equipped with additional automatics allowing monitoring of the presence of details in tooling or their automatic unlocking after finishing welding. The machine has movable and fixed welding guards and its workspace is additionally protected by light curtains.


The machine has been equipped with a safety system fulfilling the requirements of the Machinery Directive (MD) 2006/42/EC and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC.

General data

No. Description Unit Value
1. Dimensions (length x width x height) mm 5150 x 2770 x 3700
2. Weight kg 6500
3. Supply voltage V 3 x 400 + PE + N
4. Max load current A 80
5. Supply air pressure bar 6
6. Noise level dB 80

Technical Data

Lp. Opis Jm Wartość

Length of left and right arms to axis


1000 x 1000

1000 x 1500

1500 x 1500

2000 x 2000

2. Height of rotation axis mm 950
3. Rotation space diameter mm 1350
4. Drum inside diameter mm 530
5. Crank radius right side pantograph mm 500
6. Distance between middle of rotation axis to top of support arms-movable in 3 positions mm 220, 150, 80
7. Accuracy of rotation axis (concentricity) mm +/- 0,20 without fixtures
8. Distance between positioning pins for fixtures mm 300 +/- 0,25
9. Rotary  speed obr/min 5-25
10. Maximum load on arms by welded elements  kg  120
11. Cycle time –for the pipe with diameter 50 mm  s  17 -18
12. Standard welding equipment (type according to customer request)



13. Welding method



14. Front protection door  ALBANY