Collar Welder


Collar Welder is an automatic machine for precision welding flange of the damper with piston rod . Indexing table is the main assembly of the machine which provides precision positioning and high performance. Additional positions provide full control of the position of the collar to the piston rod damper and control of the quality of the weld. The whole machine is enclosed with shields made of aluminium profiles which ensure safe operation and aesthetic appearance of the machine.

General Data

No. Description Unit Value
1. Dimensions (length x width x height) mm 2370 x 3660 x 2480
2. Weight kg 4300
3. Supply voltage V 3 x 400V + N + PE
4. Max load current A 160
5. Supply air pressure bar 6÷8
6. Noise level dB 76

Technical Data

Lp. Opis Jm Wartość
1. Range of the length of the rods mm 300-500
2. Range of the diameter of the rods mm 11-27
3. Power of the motor of rotation table kW 0,55
4. Power of the servomotor of the measuring workstation kW 0,31
5. Power of the servomotor of the testing workstation kW 0,65
6. Cooling water flow for electrodes l/min. 2
7. Cooling water flow for inverters l/min. 5,5
8. Cooling water flow for transformers l/min. 7
9. Cycle time s 7
10. Standard spot welding equipment (type according to customer request)

two inverters

two transformers

four sets of electrodes

cooling water installation for electrodes and transformers