About us

Apena-Remont Ltd. was founded 19th October 1998 based on Renovation Unit in Electric Devices Factory APENA Company. We started our activity in 1999 using taken over assets, workshops and staff. At the beginning we specialized in machinery renovation, maintenance of industrial devices, manufacturing of spare parts and producing installations for companies and individual customers

With time the gathered experience, broad production abilities and development of structural and technological workshop enabled us to offer sophisticated overhauls, renovations and building completely new machines based on self-developed and given technical documentation.

The high level of our services and our projects are well recognized abroad and we cooperate with many foreign customers from Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Spain, Russia and USA. We are proud to name following companies as our clients: General Electric, Tenneco Automotive, Fiat Powertrain, FA Krosno, Nemak oraz Pratt & Whitney.


Piotr Gołda

Production manager

Henryk Wysogląd

Holder of the commercial power of attorney

Stanisław Tereszkiewicz


Employees of Apena Remont

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The achievements and activities of our company have been recognized by a number of institutions and organizations. We have implemented and work on the basis of the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015. We are a longtime laureate of the Fair Play Award, in 2014 we won the Platinum Statuette, and belong to the Gazele Biznesu club.

Polish Foreign Trade Chamber

Certificate No. 1026/2011

 National Chamber of Commerce

Quality Business Certificate of “Fair Play Enterprise" 

Apena-Remont Ltd. works according to ISO 9001: 2015 requirements.

Our company has been frequently awarded with Fair Play award and we are 2014 Platinium Statue winner.

We are the member of the Gazele Biznesu club that gathers the most effective and fastest developing companies in Poland.

We are in process of introducing the ISO 14001 Certificate that reflects our consideration to natural environment.

Corporate social responsibility

Since the beginning our actions are accompanied with the idea of CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – to promote positive and ethical standards in business, to take care about positive relationship with partners and to contribute to natural environment. We promote continuous improvement related to training courses for our employees and we engage with charity actions like WOŚP, Szlachetna Paczka and direct help for Bielsko-Biała Orphanage.


Apena-Remont Ltd. specializes in renovating and maintenance of industrial machines since many years. At the beginning we gained from knowledge and experience of our employees who worked for Renovation Unit in Electric Devices Factory APENA Company in Bielsko-Biała back in the middle of 20th century. Later they were replaced with younger staff who could take full advantage of experience of their predecessors adding new technologies and broadening the range of our services.

Nowadays Apena-Remont hires over 100 staff with secondary and higher technical education, highly qualified and certified with broad professional experience confirmed many times during our projects.

We are proud to have motivated and experienced personnel, able to comply with domestic and foreign orders.

International cooperation

The development of our company is depending on development of foreign companies. Our cooperation with local branches of international companies often results in acquiring contacts with main branches outside of Poland. This way we started our cooperation with Tenneco Automotive in Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and Russia. Today our machines or devices renovated by us are working in USA, China, India, Belgium and Great Britain. We take each order from international partner as a challenge that in the end gives us a lot of satisfaction, confirms our advanced technical level and quality of our work. We are keen to keep this direction as it is crucial to our development.


Apena-Remont Ltd. is focused mainly on maintenance of machines and devices, however, we offer other services as well. The development of our company and its staff has high priority and we continuously broaden our fields of expertise. This need of embedding new ideas made it possible to start production of UMR rehabilitation massaging device, as well as introducing ISO 9001, 5S and Kaizen systems. Cooperation with automotive companies and our personnel interest into motorization resulted in opening the biggest karting track in Central Europe. We believe that all actions bring the desired effect, if there are people working with passion. We count such personalities into our staff.

Neighboring Beskid Mountains, composed of two former cities on opposite banks of the Biała River, 40 km from Czech and 50 km from Slovakian border, the city is called “small Vienna” due to its architecture. Since 19th century it is an industrial center, following novelties and maintaining its leading place among the most developed cites in Poland. The center of Bielsko-Biała urban area is the localization of automotive, machinery, textile and aviation industry and is the trigger to infrastructure development in this part of Poland. The population of 175 thousand people inhabits the area of 125 m2 and makes the city the 22nd largest in Poland.