Maintaining the machinery, objects and industry installations is our main service offered throughout the years. Since the beginning we provided such works for many companies in the region, starting from FAE Apena SA – the company we originated from – and others like General Electric and Fiat Powertrain. We offer repairs, inspections, maintenance and service TPM of whole machinery park, industrial installation and technological lines of our customers.

Qualified and experienced staff executes actions that are connected to maintaining machinery lines in planned and comprehensive way. Apart from reacting to devices damage or errors in installation, we register the maintenance works, replaced parts and analysis of material exploitation life. These data is used for working on preventive actions, which is crucial for maintaining the service TPM.  

Especially important machines, devices and installations have their maintenance done on weekly, monthly and yearly basis with full analysis of Occurred problem (malfunction), used replaced parts and exploitation materials. Each machine undergoes yearly overhaul during which we determine its technical state and recommended maintenance works. We also will go through its electrical installation with its neutral point as well as the isolation resistance measured.

If this is the customer’s wish, we provide also other maintenance service in order to align with their needs and requirements. We can add materials purchase, work risk analysis and adjusting machines to minimal requirements to our service. After the repairs of the machinery is finished, technical documentation and  installation diagrams completed, we issue the CE conformity declaration


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