Parts manufacturing

Apena-Remont has its own machining workshop equipped with devices required to produce parts needed for machines that are repaired and produced on site. We also are able to offer to produce parts on demand with our design or based on documentation provided by the client.

We are using following devices in our workshop:

  • Lathes with operational range up to ø800mm radius and 2500mm length
  • Computer numerical control milling machines CNC with operational range up to ø400mm radius and 1000mm length
  • Universal mills for details with dimensions 700x400x400 mm
  • CNC milling machines for details with dimensions 550x300x350 mm
  • Grinding machines for cutting rollers, holes and planes
  • Electro erosion wire and deep machines
  • Eccentric Presses up to 100 tons
  • Wire saws
  • Metal plate machining devices with guillotines, angle grinders and automated cutters.

The devices are working together with technological lines enabling:

  • Details heat treatment
  • Liquid painting and powder coating
  • TIG and MIG welding and plasma cutting

We manufacture instruments and machine tool probes, as well as sophisticated machine parts that require measurement on multisensory machine with operating system of Renishaw and additional equipment measuring roughness of surface and hardness of details after heat treatment.


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