Single Station Automatic Welder ASJ 300


Single Station Automatic Welder ASJ 300 is a machine for serial, precision welding of shock absorber spring seat and in particular:

  • welding of the Spring Seat bottom and foot Bracket on tube in one operation
  • allows welding of the Spring Seat from the top and from the bottom
  • allows putting up to 4 welds (continuous or intermittent) during one rotation of the table
  • allows positioning of the foot bracket and shielding “wings” of the foot bracket during the welding operation

Single Station Automatic Welder ASJ300 may be used for welding others elements where circular placement of the continuous or intermittent weld is needed.

General data

No. Description Unit Value
1. Dimensions (length x width x height) mm 1400 x 2350 x 2770
2. Weight kg 1150
3. Supply voltage V 3 x 400V + PE + N
4. Max load current A 80
5. Supply air pressure bar 6÷8
6. Noise level dB 75

Technical data

Lp. Opis Jm Wartość
1. Adjusting of rotational speed of the spindle rpm 0-17
2. Diameter of the rotary table mm 300
3. Max. load of the table kg 180
4. Max. height of the tube mm 500
5. Max. diameter of the spring seat mm 400
6. Range of angular adjustment of the torches  [°] 0-180
7. Range of vertical adjustment of the torches mm 0-600
8. Cycle time s 17
9. Change over time min ≥7
10. Servomotor of the rotary table Lenze MCS06C41 kW 0,25
11. Standard welding equipment (type according to customer request)

energy sources for welding process with remote-control


interface for communication

manual welding torches

12. Welding method GMA  
13. Ability for simultaneously putting one or multiple welds YES