As part of implementing the development strategy of Apena-Remont Company for the years 2019-2025, our company is looking for and acquiring new clients and business partners in order to extend the scope of services provided. In 2019, one of them became the well-known manufacturer of rubber machinery in Europe and in the world, the French company REP International.

After agreeing on the terms of cooperation, a contract was concluded on 12 December 2019 for the provision of maintenance and repair services by our company related to machines manufactured by Rep International. As an official partner, we will directly cooperate with the German branch and service of REP International, providing services on Polish territory in terms of:

  • Installation and commissioning of new machines at the client's premises
  • After-sales service of machines
  • Periodic and warranty inspections of machines
  • Running repairs and removal of machine defects
  • Technical support, both on-line and at the client's premises
  • Supply of spare parts for all types of machines.

In the future, we also plan to expand the cooperation with:

  • Production of spare parts
  • Direct sales of all types of REP International machines
  • Expansion of maintenance and repair services outside Poland.

In January 2020, selected employees of Apena-Remont Company began a series of theoretical and practical trainings, where they get to know the construction and operation of machines, technical solutions used, control programs and servicing of all types and generations of machines from REP International. As part of training, our employees also participate in periodic inspections of machines and learn the technical support procedures that the REP company offers its customers. The training cycle for Polish service workers will end in May 2020. After this date, employees of Apena-Remont Company will independently support companies from our country and solve problems reported by clients.

Apena-Remont serwisem REP w Polsce

You are welcome to use the services of Apena-Remont - the Polish REP International service


Direct contact with service representatives

Logo Rep

+48 532 519 737
+48 33 8160394 ext. 2438
From Monday to Friday
between 7:00 and 17:00.

A service telephone has been set up at the disposal of the clients of REP International,
where they can report failures, request services and spare parts.

Reports can also be made at the Company's office
under the phone number
+48 33 8160394 ext. 2404

For contacts that do not require urgent intervention,
please use the attached
facilitating contacts between the service and the clients.

Service contact form