Centerless grinder ESTARTA 327


Centerless grinder ESTARTA 327 is designed for grinding machined rods for the production of piston rods for use as a component in the production of shock absorbers.

Scope of overhaul

  • disassembly, cleaning , washing and painting of the body, units and parts of machine,
  • overhaul of mechanical system, pneumatic, hydraulic and cooling system with regeneration or replacement of worn and damaged parts,
  • renovation of the main and regulating spindle and their lubrication systems,
  • installation of a new electrical system,
  • manufacturing of the feeders for loading and unloading rods from the machine
  • preparing of a machine manual, diagrams of all installation and full documentation of the CE declaration of conformity

General Data

No. Description Unit Value
1. Dimensions (length x width x height) mm 3680 x 2100 x 2000
2. Weight kg 15000
3. Supply voltage V 3 x 400 V+ PE + N
4. Max load current A 200
5. Supply air pressure bar 6
6. Noise level dB 84

Technical data

No. Description Unit Value
1. Range of diameters of rods mm 10-30
2. Range of length of rods mm 150-600
3. Speed of rods movement (depends of diameter and length of the rod) m/min 1,5-3
4. Power of the main spindle motor kW 55
5. Power of the motor of hydraulic pump kW 0,37
6. Power of the motor of coolant pump kW 0,37