Traceability system – automatic welder

The automatic welder which we produced for welding the frame of steering gear, where a circular weld is required, has been fitted by our engineers with an additional traceability system, which enables the parameters of every weld produced by the machine to be monitored and recorded.

The system ensures full control of the welding process and has a function for monitoring and recording the process parameters. A dedicated server records the welding amperage and voltage values ​​and the wire feed rate for every part produced, at a frequency of 10 Hz (sampling every 100 ms).

The transparent interface allows for archive data to be accessed and displayed in the form of graphs. The system also allows you to set a tolerance limit for each recorded parameter, providing feedback to the control system in the event of parameter values exceeding the permissible deviations. This makes it possible to detect nonconformities in the product welding process right at the production stage, at the moment when the monitored process is being carried out.

This type of solution can be applied to various parts requiring the installation of permanent or intermittent circular welds, where monitoring of the process and recording of the selected welding parameters are required.

An example of the machines in which we have used the above solutions are our single- and dual-station automatic welders, ASJ and ASJdp, with manual and automatic setting of the burners and a system for monitoring and recording of welding processes. We have also applied similar solutions to our welders used for linear welding.