Machine repairs

The industry machines and devices repair is the core of our business, as since the beginning we are renovating different types of machinery. We specialize in general overhaul and maintenance of medium sized machines (up to 15 tons), especially machine tools, presses and devices dedicated mainly for automotive and electro-mechanic industry.


The repair works process includes:

  1. Arrangements with client - interview with the client and pre-assessment of the technical state of the device with client’s technical specification analysis.
  2. Decision on final scope of works – this phase includes final decision on scope of refurbishment, recommendation on components and other requirements of the client.
  3. Cost estimating – based on previous arrangements regarding the works range, components needed and safety class, the final repair cost is estimated.
  4. Disassembly and parts regeneration – at this stage the machine is disassembled, its parts regenerated or replaced and the machine body, frames and safety covers are painted.
  5. Reassembly and installation works – new and regenerated parts and units are reassembled to refreshed body of the machine. At this stage the operating system of the machine is reinstalled.
  6. Start-up – at this phase the device is started-up, it is being tested during the trial production including achieved technical parameters optimization.
  7. pre acceptance test under client’s supervision – at this stage we will check-up the achieved parameters of the machine together with the client’s representatives. The inspection is conducted according to client’s procedures and requirements in the site of Apena-Remont.
  8. final acceptance test – only after positive results of the pre acceptance test the device is sent to the client. The final acceptance test and approval is done after devise installation at client’s workshop.
  9. Finalizing the repair works – when clients confirms that parameters achieved by the machine and those required in specification are matching, the repair works process is being closed. The client will receive renewed documentation of the machine, new installation diagrams and CE conformity declaration.


All above mentioned works are conducted by experienced and committed staff of Apena-Remont Company, what guarantees high work standard and meeting the quality requirements both local and in Europe. Our technical level, continuous improvement of staff qualifications and our ways of working are guarantee of customer’s satisfaction.


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